• Dear Carlo,

    Recently I was diagnosed with cancer. I was in a hurry to find a wig that would fit me personally because I wanted it to look natural. At first, I didn’t even know where to start looking for this type of professional. I found Carlo and I am so grateful! The way you have your shop set up made the experience a thousand times easier. You provided a private and tranquil room for our meetings during this difficult and personal time. I found preparing mentally to wear a wig in place of my natural hair was a difficult task, but you made me feel totally at ease through the whole process. You were very comforting and made me feel confident that the product would be a great match for me. Your kindness, patience and calming manner put me at ease making me feel right at home.

    The first time I went to see you Carlo, I was very nervous, scared and most of all embarrassed, but all those feelings lasted for about 10 seconds. You were so friendly and very knowledgeable, not only did you put me at ease, you made me feel pretty. I just want to thank-you again for helping me find the perfect wig for me. I never realized I could be so excited about getting a wig but most of all thank you for making me feel pretty for the first time in my life! It makes the experience of losing my hair less traumatic. These last couple of months have been extremely difficult for me but having met kind people, such as you, makes the journey ahead less scary.

    Thanks again for everything.
    Mary Jane Dingman

  • In August 2013, I came across Transitions Studio in a Google search because I was looking for help when I realized I was experiencing significant hair loss due to the medication I was taking for Ulcerative Colitis. I was so self-conscious I didn’t like going out in public unless I was wearing a hat or a wig. I have been with Carlo since our first meeting and thanks to his care and knowledge I have had success in the re-growth of my hair and it has never looked healthier! I followed all the suggestions offered such as using the chemical free shampoo and conditioner, Camellia seed oil and my favorite the Kamitek hair powder! I actually have people commenting on how great my hair looks, I have never experienced such compliments. I am no longer self-conscious about my hair and I’m happy to share with everyone about how wonderful Carlo and Transitions Studio is!
    A heartfelt Thank you to Carlo and Staff.
    Kim Gillespe February 11, 2015
  • My name is Julia. I have alopecia. I was diagnosed when I was three years old, when my mother found a bald spot missing at the back of my head, about the size of a toonie. By the age of 5, I had no hair on my body at all. It wasn't until grade 3 that my family and I discovered Wigs for Kids, when my family was approached by a girl from my school who told us she wanted to donate her hair to me. She had been growing it out for the past 3 years, and it was finally long enough to donate. My family started doing research on the process, and through our research we found this amazing organization. I received my first wig a few weeks later. Since then I've received many beautiful hair pieces from the organization that have helped me gain confidence and self esteem while growing into the person I am today. Carlo and the team at transitions studio were unbelievably welcoming and generous. They've made me feel like family, and I am eternally grateful for their support and kindness.

    Thank you to everyone involved in Wigs for Kids, you amaze and inspire my every day!

  • "It’s been a year since I met Tina Turavani at Transition Studio. For the past 10 years I had been dealing with a fungal infection of my large toe. I had the following procedures done: removed the toe nail numerous times, oral medication which required blood work every few weeks; side effect kidney damage and covering the toe nail with polish.
    Last year I experienced such uncomfortable pain that I went to see a foot specialist. His diagnosis; ingrown toe nail and remove it immediately. Yes, he removed it immediately! He told me to come in for continual weekly visits. I did not want to experience the pain again or the trauma to my foot.
    On my visit to Transition Studio Tina explained that not only did I have the remnants of the fungal infection, a wooded and ingrown toenail. Monthly and then every six weeks toe care treatment was done. Foot soaks in Himalayan Salts, Neem oil applied after soaking and filing. A simple treatment and no trauma to my toe or foot.
    I am glad I did the research, asked the questions and choose to try an alternate less invasive treatment. The atmosphere, kindness and care as well as minimal cost added to my toe and foot healing.
    A sincere “THANK YOU”, to Tina.
    ~Linda K. August 22nd 2014
  • "I started coming to Transitions Studio by word of mouth when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At first, I was scared and did not have any knowledge about the care of my hair but after meeting Carlo and experiencing the compassion he showed, learning of his experience with dealing with cancer patients, his advice and his support, I felt more relaxed and encouraged and that everything would return to normal. A year and a half later, I am still with Carlo and CJ. I lost all of my hair from chemo and was as bald as could be. Carlo taught me the proper way to care for my hair and clean my scalp with non-chemical products. As my hair started growing, I used natural Transitions Studio products to encourage a healthier regrowth. Now my hair is twice as thick as before chemo. It has curls and grows extremely fast. My hair used to be slow growing. I now get highlights and regular cuts every six weeks. This has been an unbelievable experience and it feels as if we are a family The knowledge I received has put me on a healthy track and I feel compelled to encourage others to visit Transitions Studio so you may experience a transition of your own."
    Sharon Larsen
  • To Carlo,
    Thank you so much for all the amazing experiences in Transitions Studio. You have inspired me and many others to live a better way and for that I am grateful. I look forward to 2013 and all the wonderful visits to your salon!
    Love Always,
    Holly M.
    December 13, 2012
  • Dear Transitions Studio Staff,
    Along this breast cancer journey of mine, I have met some great people and that includes Carlo and the team at Transitions Studio. Thanks for your encouragement, expertise, and caring ways. I will never forget you. Sincerely,
    Lois M.
    June 15, 2012
  • Dear Carlo,
    Since our journey with cancer began in December, we have been encouraged by many people. You are one of those angels that God has placed upon our path. Thank-you for helping Danielle get through the difficult time of losing her hair. You made her feel special. You made her feel beautiful again. There should be more people like you in the world! Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!
    Clarence and Trudy P.
  • Thank-you so much for taking the time to make my hair. You definitely helped give my confidence back and make me feel good about myself again.
    Thanks again,
  • Transitions Studio is a wonderful place. I felt at home the second I walked in. When I was diagnosed with cancer, Carlo helped me pick out my wig, suggested chemical free products to use throughout treatment (I purchased the body butter, Camellia seed oil which worked wonders on my stimulating the growth of my eyebrows and eyelashes after treatment and I kept my eyebrows and lashes throughout treatment thanks to the camellia oil...a month after treatment I lost my eyebrows and lashes, but they quickly came back thick and full with the oil.). I bought the chemical free mineral make up, the earth safe brand of shampoo and conditioner, emu oil for my scalp and radiation burns, and the organic facial cleanser... all the products work so well and no chemicals too!!! I am happy with my total approach to hair loss from start to finish...just had a scalp detox treatment today and my scalp feels great! I highly recommend coming here for all your needs. They will take good care of you!
    Britiney T. November 13, 2013
  • When I heard about Carlo from one of his cancer patients, I immediately went to his studio. My problem was not cancer, rather psoriasis. My complete scalp was covered and much of my hair was being sheared off. Carlo reassured me that my hair follicles were still there and proceeded to instruct me how to use organic oils to get rid of the psoriasis. With determination, I followed his instructions religiously and was psoriasis-free in about a month or so. From there he instructed me on how to re-grow my hair with different products combined with proper scalp hair. Carlo's knowledge, coupled with sincere concern, was an absolute blessing to me.Thank-you Carlo & Staff
    Larry W. April 26, 2014